For teachers

Dear Dean, Head of Department, Teacher,

Yara feels responsible for future generations, i.e. for ensuring that youngsters staring out on their career will choose quality and awareness in their thinking and work. As the world’s number one fertilizer producer and distributor, we are committed to ‘plant the seeds’ of the need for environmentally-conscious production as early as this age and enable future generations to find innovative agricultural solutions.

Our programme aims at the students of agricultural universities and intends to deepen their knowledge of nutrition supply through motivational tools that suit their age. Our goal is to contribute to the training of professionals who, using their brains in a creative way, will strive to find innovative solutions for production in the future.

If you have the chance, please support our efforts and the students in making our programme as successful as possible!

How can you support your students?

We are asking you for your help to be able to implement our programme and we would be grateful if you could provide assistance with your constructive ideas and comments.

Please, encourage your students to participate in the games and support them in their efforts to solve the tasks as efficiently as possible. It is not only professional help that we need from you. We intend to create a kind of co-operation, within the scope of which the students can learn independent and proactive thinking skills and develop a sense of responsibility that will determine the future for all of us.


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