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As the world’s number one fertilizer producer, we would be glad if you participated in our education programme! Put your knowledge to the test and win great prizes!

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The competition

If you like the challenges, and want to compaire your knowledge with students from other countries, join us!

Dear Student,

Welcome to the website of YaraGeneration! You must have a good cause to visit this page, so excuse us deterring you a little bit right at the beginning with some routinish but important information. If you read this and still feel like going on, you are our man! You have all the chance to start your career after the university as a truly excellent and well-prepared professional.

What we must say a few words about is Yara’s philosophy which has helped this programme come alive.

Yara, as the world’s largest fertilizer producer, pays attention to a lot of things in the world. Naturally, priority is given to efforts aimed at ensuring that its excellent quality products be used by as many people as possible in the most efficient way both for the crops and the farmers. One of the greatest challenges in the world these days is environmental protection, especially for a company which interferes in the laws of nature with its products. For Yara, this is a central issue which requires a constant search for the best solutions and plays a key role in our work. We hope that all the other players in agriculture think the same. Our company is over 105 years old and, naturally, would like to last for a minimum of another 100 years. It is possible only if excellent professionals that are able to think about the future responsibly carry on the values that Yara represents. This is the point where you, dear Student, come into the picture, for you are part of a generation that holds the future in their hands! We would like to help you in managing your future with firm hands and being conscious in choosing high quality that is guarantee also for the future of your children.